The Team

Harriet England - Owner, AKA Mother England

I'm Harriet, not the original Mother England but definitely the only one to ever refer to myself as such. I'm Mummy to Ava, Henry and Oscar.

In 2014, when Ava was born I'd never heard of a muslin swaddle. I was new to Motherhood, completely. They soon became as familiar to me as the back of my own hand. Ava fell in love with muslins. She carried them everywhere and we used them for everything. The only thing was, I didn't like how they looked. When Henry arrived only 20 months later, he too developed a love of a muslin, as did my third and final baby, Oscar - and the love they have for them continues to this day. Whether they're snuggling them or twirling them softly between their fingers, their mussies are a great source of comfort and pleasure. 

Soon after Henry's 1st birthday, with no sign of the obsession easing, I began researching and designing Mother England muslins. They have all been designed with parents in mind. No longer do you have to sacrifice beauty and style just because your baby has arrived. Our English Country Garden Collection (the first of many, we hope) has been inspired by our love for the great outdoors and we hope you and your little one's will love them as much as we do. 

Luke England - Owner and Father England

Luke is the brains behind the boring bits. With a background in operations, he knows how to do a sum or two and is always on hand to help.  

Ava, Henry and Oscar - The Inspirational Englands

Ava, Henry and Oscar 5, 4 and 1 respectively, are our inspiration and harshest critics. They have tested all our mussies and are always giving us ideas for what we can make next. 

Together, our aim is to build a family owned and run business that brings beauty and inspiration to parenting.